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Who we are and what we do


Who we are

Carbon Neutral Antarctica was founded as a collaboration between two students upon their return from polar expeditions; each with their own interest, one engineering and the other journalism. It quickly grew within a larger network of alumni from Student On Ice, a network of students who all boast incredible accomplishments and have traveled to one or both poles. Although we are a student propelled project, we are supported by a quickly expanding group of international experts, academics, sponors and organizations.

What we can achieve

Carbon Neutral Antarctica has the potential to become one of the world's biggest and most successful student driven initiatives. But this is only possible with the support of key individuals, industries and governments. This project is not only realistic but it is achievable by 2020. The Antarctic Peninsula is on average warming by half a degree every decade and the Polar Regions are the areas most affected by climate change, so what better place to act as an example of a successful international initiative for positive change?

International Logo Contest!

To find out more about our logo design contest send us an email to [email protected] official contest rules will be released soon!

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